Chapter #5:

The Story of Bububunny, Part Un

The story of Bububunny goes as follows: Once, there was a tiny bunny, who loved grazing on grass, and munching on carrots, and, if the opportunity presented itself, some cables, too, because that was always interesting—why is this cable here, winding across the floor?

Since devices such as an ammeter or a voltmeter were not available, the cable had to be closely investigated by carefully removing the isolation in order to see what is inside. And, should she continue to chew on the cable, it usually led to a device shutting down—for example, almost translucent double-cables that contain copper were likely to be loudspeaker cables. After chewing on those, one or several speakers would shut down, making the music stop. But sometimes it was all for nothing—there was a cable and all, but after chewing on it, nothing happened. A lot of homes have cables that run into the kitchen and the bathroom, or even to the shower room, but there are no speakers attached to the cables.

Bububunny always steered clear from chewing through round black cables—first, it was extremely difficult chew them up, and second, they could give a massive electric shock. But they definitely had to be chewed on—just a little bit—in order to test the teeth.

Of course, Bububunny also attempted to fix those cables, but it proved to be rather difficult without tools such as soldering paste, a soldering station, or a tin-lead solder. Bububunny tried to fix the cables using her paws and teeth, but this always ended up an even bigger mess. But we cannot say that she didn’t try!

Once, Bububunny fell severely ill. Nobody was sure whether it was the cold wind from the open window, or if some germ had found its way into her ear, but she caught labyrinthitis, more commonly known as inflammation of the inner ear. This was extremely painful and irritating, and she had to hold her head on the side just to be able to exist somehow, and, when she held her head like this, she lost her balance and everyone thought Bububunny was constantly turning somersaults and had gone mad. This is why it is always important to pay attention before giving evaluations or forming opinions on anything. For example, when someone is lying on the street, then a lot of grown-ups think that it must be a drunkard, and pay no attention to them. But it might also be that this person suffers from a heart condition or something else, and that he or she needs an ambulance. And this is why it is always important to make sure what has happened, and then act accordingly.

Bububunny was hospitalized and the doctors immediately begun to examine her. Being learned persons, they delved into looking for an answer to the problem, and examined her thoroughly to see why the seemingly ordinary Bububunny holds her head on the side like that. They took blood tests from the bunny, and examined her neck and ears, and when the blood tests detected an inflammation, they already knew that it was labyrinthitis. Luckily, the duration of the treatment was only one week, by which time Bububunny felt pretty good. But her neck stayed a bit crooked from constantly holding it on the side, and since then she holds her head a bit askew.

Nobody knows for sure whether it was the inflammation, or the treatment, or the high quality rabbit food she was given while hospitalized, but after the illness, when she was able to hold her balance again and ran to the food bowl, she felt that something was very different. She remembered everything very clearly from the previous day. She remembered her whole life—all the cables she had chewed up, all the carrots she had eaten, all the droppings she had ever left anywhere—some had been hidden so cleverly that they would come out years later, when her previous home would go through remodeling, and the couch would be moved.

This condition is called hyperthymesia, which means that you will remember everything you ever experience. In the following days, Bububunny learned the Latin alphabet—from A to Z, and also all those strange crooked letters, she remembered the password with which to log into the computer, and with the help of Google, she learned to speak English, Spanish, French, and Russian, got to know the basics of electronics, and learned how to pinch locks—just in case, although she completely trusted her doctors. Because now she could perfectly understand what they were saying.

The doctors had a problem—what to do with Bububunny now that she is well and healed? She cannot stay at the hospital forever. Bububunny did what she could, uploading a picture and a description of herself on Facebook—saying she is a common rabbit who loves fun and cuddles. She did not write about having absolute memory, because she was very modest.

There was one thing her memory was hazy about. You know the feeling when you have the answer to a question on the tip of your tongue, but you cannot say it. For her, It was the moment of her birth, and what her mother told her then. And she was absolutely certain that she said something, because she so clearly remembered her voice.

Bububunny spent hours and hours on trying to remember, often even stopping crunching on her carrots while doing it. When you take a look at some rabbit then it is clear that they do, indeed, sometimes stop everything they were occupied with and stand, motionless, just as if trying to remember something. “Did I turn off the lights when I left home?” or “Did I lock the car?” or “Is today someone’s birthday and I have forgotten it?” And on the next moment they think, “Hey, I am a rabbit! I don’t have electricity at home, I live in a burrow, I don’t have a car, and we do not celebrate birthdays!”

But our Bububunny thought, deeply, but couldn’t remember. And then, one day, she happened to read an online forum about dudub@-s, and why sleep is beneficial and how it increases memory capacity.

But how do you sleep when you are not sleepy! Hardly had she thought of it when the door of the study opened silently, and Bububunny knew exactly who stood at the entry. It was Dudub@!

Dudub@ came to Bububunny, did her a b@, and whispered the sweetest and softest things that exist in this world into her ear. After this, Bububunny put her head on her paws, closed her eyes, and slept for several hours. During this time, the doctors went to see if it is really so that the energetic rabbit is sleeping through the day!

After a few hours, she woke up from her slumber, feeling well-rested, yawned, then stretched her front paws, and rear paws, after which she arched her back—she had read from a yoga webpage that it is very important to pandiculate. She then happily jumped over to the food bowl, where the doctors had left her some fresh hay.

Scents have the quality of bringing back old memories. For example, when you are already an adult and go to work, and are generally very busy all the time, then try this—park your car somewhere, and should there be a puddle near there, preferably with muddy water, take a stick and stir the water. During the stirring, the smells of rain, dirt, dust, and mud come up, and you will remember how you ran or rode a bike just through puddles as a kid, making the water would splash around, and after this your clothes would be stained with mud and smell just like this.

Bububunny sniffed the fresh hay and remembered the moment she was born, into the fresh hay, nosing at the scents of the new world! And her mother looked at her with a loving gaze and said, “You, bunny, are special. And your name shall be Alexandra. May you have a long and happy life!”

“Alexandra! My name is Alexandra!” Bububunny murmured to herself. But is it written with a ks or an x? Most likely it is written with an x. She also had a nickname, used by her mother’s acquaintances—Saša. And she had a special nickname—Sanja—used by her family members.

Her mother, of course, used all of those names according to occasion. When she had been a good bunny, then she was Sanja. But when she had been a bit mischievous, then mother called her Saša. And when she had been a bad bunny, then mom would say, “Alexandra, please come here, I want to talk to you.” And you could be sure that in such a case mom wouldn’t want to ask whether Sanja wants kibbles or carrots for breakfast. Alexandra smiled upon that memory and started to crunch on her carrots.

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