Chapter #6:

The Story of Bububunny, Part Deux

Alexandra had one big problem. She didn’t know where to go after she gets out of the hospital. It is clear that for a tiny little bunny, it is extremely difficult to get by alone in today’s society, even if you have absolute memory.

Then, she got a great idea. When it was evening time again, and everyone had left the hospital, she came out of her cage and jumped onto the computer table. She opened a web browser. Luckily, the Facebook account of the hospital was logged in, and Bububunny methodically—that is, very precisely—begun to browse the people that had added the pet hospital as a friend. She made notes about people that stood out in a separate file. Soon, she had 11 names.

Now, it was time for the more difficult part. She posted an advertisement under the hospital’s Facebook account in such a way that only those 11 people were able to see it. An advertisement about a bunny, Bububunny, to be precise, who loves to cuddle and who is very friendly and lovable. Bububunny, being very modest, even laughed a bit—it was weird to write stuff like that about herself. But since she was truly very lovable and cute, then why not. She added the hospital’s phone number to the ad.

The ad went up online on Thursday evening. Alexandra even managed to find a picture of herself, nicely sitting on the lap of her doctor, still recovering from the illness and medications. She does remember wanting to wave to the camera, but since she was still so sleepy at the time, the picture just shows that one of her paws is in movement.

All that was left to do now was to wait. And you know how hard it is to just wait. Bububunny thought about learning the first hundred digits of Pi: 3.1415926535 and so on. But this turned out to be a bummer, because her absolute memory enabled her to remembered all the numbers after reading them just once. But then she started looking for where this Pi occurs, and it turns out it occurs at a lot of places! Starting from the quotient of a circle’s circumference and diameter, and ending with Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, which says that it is impossible to simultaneously know the exact position and speed of a particle—an electron, for example. You can know either one or the other, or both, but then only approximately. And then there are fractals. It is like Pi is everywhere.

She then tried to guess what are the 101st, 102nd, and so on digits of Pi. She did some thinking, thought of a number, wrote it down in order to not deceive herself, and then checked her answer. She nailed only as many numbers as probability theory allows, which is 1 out of 10. When she reached the 200th digit, still none of those 11 people who were able to see the advertisement had contacted her.
Then she jumped onto the windowsill, looked out the window, and saw children playing, precisely 23 children. She proceeded to think about how big is the probability that two of those children have their birthday on the same day. After doing some calculations, she reached a conclusion that this probability is 50%, which makes it quite high. And then the computer made a “ding!” as someone had sent an email to the hospital!

Bububunny’s nose and paws were trembling with excitement. And, indeed, one of those 11 persons wished to take Bububunny in! And then another email! And another! Bububunny answered to them all with a polite note to call during working hours at the given number. This was necessary to cover the tracks. Bububunny waited until midnight, and by then, 7 out of 11 had sent an email. Then she went back into her cage and tried to fall asleep, because the next day promised to be very eventful, and she would do well to rest up for that.

Her slumber was, of course, restless, and she was wide awake by sunrise, so Bububunny took a carrot and chomped on that to make time go by faster. Then the Sun started to shine into the room, and sunrays danced on the glass of the hospital’s devices in such a way that the light broke onto Bububunny’s nest and made a full spectre of light on it.

Alexandra did not miss a chance as good as that and took a look at how an orange carrot would look in different lightings. And as she was rolling the carrot back and forth with her paws, the door suddenly opened and in walked the doctor with one of those 11 persons! And, to be precise, it was the one person Bububunny had hoped for, the one who had answered to the ad first!

He calmly listened to what the doctor said about taking care of Bububunny, how to feed her, what medications to give her, and what to watch for. Then, he asked a few questions himself, and after listening to the doctor’s answers, it was time for the doctor to make one last observation of Bububunny, and after this she was put into a portable cage, and carried into the car that was waiting outside.

Bububunny noticed that he was wearing white Adidas shoes with “fofefa” written on them, and the car was a Lexus. A white one, looking very friendly. Bububunny’s nest was fastened with a seat belt on the passenger seat, and the engine started. But instead of driving off, the driver turned to Bububunny and said, “Alexandra, you are safe and sound now. Luckily, we found you. You do not have to worry, because you will not be living an ordinary life, for you will get your own little house where you can live as you wish.”

Bububunny’s eyes watered up. Heavens, how did they know? And I will get my own house!

“One of our members works at an IT-company that maintains the hospital’s computers. He noticed that a computer was turned on late at night when there should be nobody in the building anymore. He logged into the system and launched the web camera. He was astonished to see a bunny—you, Alexandra—tapping on the keyboard! At first, he thought he would upload the video online, but then he thought that the whole world would then come to bother you. But this probably wouldn’t be your wish. You seem very modest.”

Bububunny listened in astonishment, and nodded silently. Since she is so tiny, she did not see out of the car windows and therefore did not know where she was driven, but she was not too worried about that—she was quite sure she was safe, and that she would have the best possible future.

Bububunny’s new home was on the porch of the Grandpa and Grandma of a member of the Adib@ Gang. From the porch, she had a private exit into a large garden with an orchard, and different types of berries, including strawberries. Green peas, carrots, potatoes, and turnips grew in the farther end of the garden.

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