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Fofefa: The Book of Good


The Book of Good…

…is a compilation of the adventures of Dudub@, the Friendies B@b@ and Fofefa, Porobubu the burrow deer, Bububunny, Voldemar the doggo, and others.

The book has over 150 chapters – some longer, some shorter. Throughout their adventures, the Adib@ Gang introduce the reader to different fields of science, including mathematics, physics, astronomy, and biology – all in an easy and friendly way.

Among other things, there is a lot of talk about the importance of helping others, showing empathy, learning, and being kind. And cookies.

Yes, lots of cookies.

About the book


Chapter #1: The Outset

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Chapter #1: The Outset

Somewhere at the headsprings of the Amazon River, where tiny streams meet in forming the great river, there is a special tributary.

Dense clouds often appear above this stream, and the Sun shines as if through a haze. The wind makes the leaves on the trees shiver, and with the help of the sunshine, a blurred shimmer of patterns is created.

What adds to the uniqueness of this place is the aroma of tea that daily spreads from the head of the stream. Be it classic black tea from Georgia, or rhubarb, or raspberry tea, but the scent of it is surely felt every day.

For this is no ordinary stream, but a hot spring that rises from deep in the bowels of the Earth. Where exactly does it get its warmth is still a secret, but numerous scientists are puzzling over it, constantly doing experiments and hypothesizing on the issue.

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Who is who in the Adib@ Gang

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Origin: Exact origin unknown, but probably from a quiet and calm part of the Dreamland
Favorite tea blend: Georgian black
Favorite coffee: Anything goes, but especially with a piece of butter
Favorite vegetable: Beetroot
Position in the Adib@ Gang: Responsible for bringing good sleep; Keeping the database of cradle songs up to date; Owns probably the most complete set of songs
Special powers: Precise names and numbers unknown, but probably limitless

Meet the Crew


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The Fan Pack. Everything starts with fans. As a token, here are some digital goodies for everyone: wallpapers for computers, smartphones, and any other devices

+ some nice chapters for you to get a taste of the book.

And it’s a gift that keeps on giving; whenever we add new artwork (our artist is busy creating more), we upload it here, and you’ll get a notification to come and get some. Or all. It’s a thank you from us.

The e-thing. 173 chapters, 879,000 characters, over 40 full color illustrations, and a 100 black-and-white ones for if your E-reader is monochrome. You won’t miss a thing.

The real thing. Hardcover book with a beautiful layout, calico cover, and a golden bookmark.

+ We include the eBook for free to help you through all these hard days and endless meetings!

The adventures of the Adib@ Gang will keep you focused on what’s really important.

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