Chapter #9:

The Genesis of the Frendies

The genesis of the Friendies probably contained as much miraculous wonder as the genesis of dudub@-s from clouds and play of light, or even a bit more.

Dudub@-s came into being not only to bring sleep, but to bring good sleep. Or even very good sleep. Duduscientists consider the genesis of dudub@-s an inevitable phenomenon—something that had to happen, there was no other option!

However, neither dudu- nor friendie-scientists have been able to figure out why the Friendies came into being.
Nonetheless, there are several hypotheses or assumptions regarding the matter, and one of them goes as follows: At the exact moment when a dudub@ should have come into being—which is in itself an event of extremely small odds—a so-called miracle of miracles occurred, as two events of extremely small odds occurred at the same time. These events magnified each other and so it happened. An event with similar odds of happening is when you roll a dice and get a six. This would be like the genesis of a dudub@. But when you roll the dice another time and get a seven! This is an event with similar odds of happening as the genesis of the Friendies.

The hypothesis that the genesis of the Friendies is the miracle of all miracles, and that the basis for the genesis of the Friendies lay in dudub@-s is confirmed by the fact that the Friendies always appear together. True, they might have a small distance between them from time to time, but this is only temporary, and lasts for a short time. An occurrence so short in time it can be compared to the length of a you letting go of someone’s hand only to unwrap your ice cream, and then take their hand again and continue walking on a park trail, hand in hand, eating ice cream and loving life.

Anyway, the Friendies came into being, and at least in the beginning, everything was the same as with dudub@-s—they happily jumped over to the hot water tribe at the Amazon to drink tea and eat sandwiches. What was different was the fact that in the beginning, the members of the tribe did not quite understand who they were dealing with. They looked like two little dudub@-s, but not quite.

However, they did not dwell on those thoughts for too long, because the Friendies were fun and spoke the same b@b@-language as the dudub@-s. As the Friendies had relieved their hunger, they set off somewhere, and after that they were not seen for quite a while.

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