Chapter #2:

Dudub@-s, Plushies

And the mission, alias task, alias goal of a dudub@ is simple: to help people get a good rest.

And everyone who knows how rare good sleep is—the kind after which you wake up in the morning, all fresh and rested—knows how to appreciate it.

A good sleep begins with falling asleep easily. Sometimes, you are in the middle of reading a good book, sometimes there is a freshly made biscuit cake in the fridge, waiting for the next day, sometimes there is a crow croaking outside, and sometimes you just feel excited. You have to let go of all this, and instead think about tomorrow being just another good day, with the crow either gone or stopped croaking, the biscuit cake cut into pieces and eaten cold, a nice cup of tea perfectly accompanying it. And excitement is a great thing, but only when it comes during daytime.

It is pointless to take a book or your phone with you when you go to bed. Do your reading somewhere else, and the same goes for chatting on the phone. After finishing, leave the book or the device behind, and brush your teeth. While brushing, think about how many songs you can recall that contain the word “yesterday” or “tomorrow” in their lyrics. Or how many bibib@-s make up one b@b@b@. But don’t you dwell on that for too long, we are going to calculate a precise answer!

And sometimes it happens that Dudub@ comes to us way sooner than we had planned! In such a case, we have to be careful and think whether it is reasonable to go to sleep right away, or whether it is wiser to wait a bit—so that we wouldn’t go to sleep too early, and mess up our sleep schedule by waking up in the middle of the night.

But when everything seems to be in order, and Dudub@ comes at the right time, then it is time to go to bed. It is important that everybody goes to sleep at the same time. For this, one needs a dudub@, a plushie, or someone very special who likes to go to bed at the same time as them. It is the easiest with a dudub@ and a plushie—they should at least exist in one’s mind, and even better if they exist in reality.

The idea of the plushies was born approximately at the same time when the first dudub@ came into being. Indeed—the Dudub@ we met in the previous chapter is not the only dudub@ who came into being on that beautiful evening in the Amazon River. The tiny miracle of the creation of a dudub@ has occurred many-many times, and nobody knows for sure how many of them there are in the world! And how many plushies! The main idea of plushies is that when dudub@-s bring good sleep, then plushies help to maintain this good sleep. Indeed, it can be said that there is a worldwide network of plushies.

And when we look at how sweet and deep is the slumber of a child, and how much an adult tosses and turns while asleep, then it is clear to all that in the case of the latter, we are dealing with a severe lack of plushies and dudub@-s. On the one hand, more and more dudub@-s come into being, and almost every child gets a plushie, but on the other, when children become an adults, they scare dudub@-s away by going to sleep at irregular times, and they forget their plushies somewhere, be it a suitcase or a shelf. For this reason, it is important that children help their parents to find their plushies, even if this requires turning the house upside down. And if the plushie has gone missing, or the parent has given it to their child, one must quickly get a new one. True, it can be bought, but it is much better when you make it yourself. Scientific research has confirmed that handmade plushies guarantee a slumber that is at least 27% better. True story!

It might happen that you have a dudub@ at home! For a good night’s sleep, it doesn’t matter if a b@b@b@ is done by a dudub@ or a plushie—deep sleep is guaranteed either way. And it has to be kept in mind that although dudub@-s are not able to get everywhere and hush everyone to sleep, they exist in this world to do as much good as they can possibly do. And good sleep is definitely a very good thing to do and bring. All humans should follow their example. But humans have a flaw of being lazy.

Now, it feels like Dudub@ has come to me … I have to go to sleep. Everyone is sleeping. B@b@b@.

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